rk retail chain delivers exceptional talent to both the Retail and CPG sectors within the following disciplines:
  • Merchandising, Allocation & Replenishment
  • Brand Management & Trade / Customer Marketing
  • Shopper / Consumer Insights
  • Category Management
  • Business / Category Analysis

So What’s A Retail Chain?

The Retail Chain is the natural extension of the Supply Chain model and incorporates the principles of Demand Chain Management. In simple terms, it’s the management of the consumer’s ‘pull’—whether they’re actively seeking out new products or ceasing to buy established products.

This behaviour impacts all of the parts of the Retail Chain. A well-managed Retail Chain will ensure the new product is:

  • Released when demand is at its peak (driven through advertising, marketing or merchandising activities)
  • That new product is available for distribution in the correct volumes to support the demand
  • And that redundant product is either at minimal levels or directed to a new consumer market place

As consumers become more sophisticated in their buying decisions, the Retail Chain must expand in order to deliver on those needs. With more than 10 years of success and experience in the Supply Chain division, RK Canada has naturally evolved to extend our services further along the value chain, leveraging our expertise and client/candidate connections into Retail Chain.

Patrick has an instinctive ability when pairing a candidate’s skill set with his client’s requirements. I’ve worked with Patrick in both capacities as a recruiter and have had tremendous success with his services. Patrick adds clarity to a sometimes tenuous process and takes the time to understand the needs of his client and the requirements of the position to ensure that he is matching a candidate’s skill set with the right company. He is patient, reliable, determined and charismatic in his approach. I would recommend Patrick’s services to anyone who is looking for the right role in pursuit of their career or in finding the right candidate for their team.
- DR, Senior Manager Purchasing, Food Manufacturer