To our candidates and future candidates…

Welcome to RK Canada. Our aim is to become the gateway to your career in the Supply Chain & Retail Chain fields.

And we’re not just talking about your next job. Many of our candidates have looked to RK Canada to manage their entire career. We aim to find you a workplace that ideally matches your aspirations and qualifications today, knowing that by providing you with this quality of service, you may end up as our client tomorrow. Or a candidate again, in the next stage of your career.


The Difference Between You and the Other Guy

There are some candidates in our database that we know we can always find the right job for. Then there are candidates who we know we just can’t place. The difference between the two typically starts right here at the profile building stage. Our company philosophy is to dig deeper to find that magic fit, and we can’t do that unless we really know who you are. Most resumes just highlight the skills and qualifications that many of our candidates share—but it doesn’t differentiate you as the right person for the job. So, if you want to explore opportunities that are available in the ‘Supply Chain’ or ‘Retail Chain’ you can click through to our job search page and apply for a particular role, but without a little extra effort you might be simply adding your resume to a list. Every uploaded resume is reviewed by one of our qualified consultants, but only by differentiating yourself in either your resume or cover letter (or both) you may be leaving something as important as your career to chance.

The Real Way To Get Your Dream Job

By clicking onto the button to browse job opportunities, you will be prompted to create a profile, upload a resume and cover letter, or amend and update your previously created profile to include promotions, career changes, new qualifications and changes in location. You will also be given the option to apply for multiple positions within your areas of expertise—all within a secure, confidential environment that can only be accessed by you and our team of professional consultants.

Whether You’re Just Looking or Ready To Buy

Whether your job search is highly active or you’re simply interested in taking a look at what the market has to offer, creating and maintaining a profile with RK Canada will enable you to view the latest opportunities, inform our team of advancements and changes in your circumstances, and ensure that you will be represented by a trusted, experienced company when new and exciting roles come in – a company that knows who you are and where you fit best.

Job Listings & Login

Ready to become an RK success story? Click through to the Job Listings & Login page to create your profile and take the first step to making your greatest career move.

Your Next Steps

Step 1

Prepare a current resume that includes your contact details and descriptive content to enable a consultant to understand your achievements. This should include the scale and success of your projects or responsibilities (for example, if you implemented a new system, which one? Over what time period? How was it received by your line manager?)

Step 2

If applying for a specific role, put together a cover letter taking the time to explain why you are a good fit and what elements of the role you see as being relevant and interesting to you.

Step 3

If you are creating a profile for future opportunities, ensure you have a cover letter that sets out your aspirations, key skills and capabilities, and clearly states the kinds of opportunities you would be interested in.

Step 4

Now that you have prepared this information, you are ready to create your profile. Keep a note of your log-in details and password so you can return to update whenever you like. And be sure to check through the job postings whilst you’re there.